Dance Pit Expansion Update

Last night my family and I along with dozens of neighbours, attended a Statutory Public Meeting at the Township of North Dumfries.  This was regarding the proposed Dance gravel pit expansion.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this situation, CBM Aggregates is attempting to expand one of their gravel pits to take over a farm field that is located directly behind our community.  They want to bring their aggregate operations to within 60 m of our backyards. 

A little backstory, this fight has been going on for over 6 years.  They have hired multiple “experts” who say the pits are safe.  That the dust we are already breathing in constantly is below the level that would be unhealthy (when studies have shown that no amount of silica exposure is healthy).  That the gravel flying off their trucks and smashing our windshields isn’t a problem.  That the noise and vibrations from the already operating pits are well within the levels deemed liveable.  All that to say, our community came out in a powerful show of solidarity, and even though this feels very “David and Goliath” like, we will not be bullied into submission!  Mayor Foxton was very supportive of us.  This is not a municipal-level issue though.  We need to continue to share our concerns and communicate the potential risks of this expansion directly to the Provincial government.  We need the Ford Government to hear us. 

This expansion is unsafe, unhealthy, economically damaging, and will remove our ability to enjoy the homes we have worked so hard for.  This cannot happen and I along with my neighbours and friends will not give up.  If you want to join us in fighting this expansion, please contact me and I will share our next steps.   

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