Volunteer For Sheri

Ways to Get Involved!

  1. Volunteering: Sheri will need volunteers to help support her run throughout her campaign.
    Some of the ways those volunteers can help would include:
    • Doorknocking to spread the word.
    • Helping to plan a summer fundraising event.
    • Assisting with networking events.
  2. You can attend fundraising and networking initiatives. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming events.
  3. You can donate to Sheri’s campaign if you’re able. Successful campaigns cost money. If you believe in strong leadership in our ward and support the key issues that Sheri will be fighting for, you can donate via email money transfer to sheri@sroberts.ca
    • Only individuals may contribute to a municipal campaign (no corporate donations allowed)
      and contributions from an individual cannot exceed $1200.

If you are interested in being involved in Sheri’s campaign in any way, please email her at sheri@sroberts.ca or call her at 519-240-6053